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Artsci.net is a full service internet provider. We can help your business make the most of your Internet site. Here is some information you should ask when you are developing an Internet site. Visit our service price list

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Purposes for an Internet site
Greater Credibility -You will appear a larger, more informed company.
Tell visitors what you do - Provide detailed information about your company and your products.
Sell your product or service on the internet.
Enhance marketing - Provide details you are unable to in other catalogs and advertisements.
Interact with existing customers -
Provide product support - Provide 'hand holding' and information on features, etc.
Provide information 24 hours a day

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Web Page design
------Simple elegance in page design
Simple backgrounds - White is the preferred background
Few graphics - The more graphics on each page, the slower it will load. See 10 Second rule.
Simple navigation - Provide a straight forward method to move from page to page.
10 seconds to get attention - You will have a limited about of time to attract the visitor to stay at your site.

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Types of internet sites
Destination sites - web commerce
Drive by sites (search engines, malls, web alliances, web rings, etc)
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Attracting Visitors (Eyeballs)
Advertise off the web - Place your URL in all catalogs, letterhead, and advertising.
Pay for visitors - Advertise your URL in print media
Join a site that can help forward visitors (a drive by site)
Provide a reason to stay at the site Content, Teach/inform
Provide a reason to come back to the site Offer timely specials, etc

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Common Mistakes
Don't expect internet visitors to 'find' your site. - The search engines are getting more and more crowded each day with internet sites. Yours will be lost in the multitude.
Picking the wrong domain name. - Branding our your companies products or services is VERY IMPORTANT. Think of Coke or Ford, what do you think there domain name is? If you said www.coke.com you would be right.
Pick a domain name that fits your company.
Make it easy to spell - think about telling someone on the phone what your domain name is. Avoid '-' and '_"

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Choosing an internet provider
"Free Web hosting" - You get what you pay for, if you get it for next to nothing, that is probably what it is worth.
Internet 'Pipe" - If really does not matter what type of Internet access your provider has. A T1 or a T3 is really unimportant. The speed the provide can serve your site is the important point. Visit some of the sites hosted by the provider. Judge for your self if they present themselves in the same speed as other sites.
Word of mouth - Contact some of the companies who use the provider and ask if they are happy with the service and support.
Providing visitors - Does the provider have a method of sending visitors to your site?

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* InterNIC will invoice your company $35.00 per year for your Internet domain name. The first invoice for $75 covers 2 years.



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