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Search Engine Placement
Our Webmaster will see that your company is listed on search engines which is an easy way for someone to find and navigate to your page without knowing your exact URL (address). Key words are used describing your site, product, geographic location, etc. This way there are multiple ways of acquiring your home page location. We assist you in developing the proper words and descriptions for your pages and properly place you with as many search engines as you like.


Three available programs - we recommend


First we must review your sites keywords and description information. We will make recommendations on their content and then develop the proper code for all your sites pages to be properly indexed.

One time setup


Program 1
Monitor your Web site ranking on the top search engines for different keywords (5) and we send the results directly to you via e-mail.

Key Benefits
You always know your Web site's ranking.

Your search engine listings for a selected URL and keyword can change dramatically from week to week as engines re-index their databases, new sites are launched and competitors rework their pages to improve their own listings. We monitor how this constant change effects your ranking so you we can take action and stay ahead of your competition.

Top 17 Search Engines

25.00/report (5) keywords per report

additional keyword search - $5.00/ea

Program II
We can place you on all the World's directories and search engines?

Most web announcement services submit their customer's URL on up to 30% of WorldSubmit's directory and search engine list, continually overlooking the majority of the World's directories and search engines! We place you on the best directories and search engines in addition to the other 70% of the World's directories and search engines other services do not offer.

We offer the most comprehensive collection of directories and search engines in the World! Just over 1550.

The Recommended $95 Best Value package includes submitting your URL to 1550 search engines and Yahoo! 6 times for a one time charge of $95. The submissions are spaced once each month for 6 months to protect your site from the increasing risk of being accidentally dropped by the search engines due to Internet traffic doubling every 100 days!

One time fee $95.00  - 6 submittals to 1558 search engines 1 per month


one time submittal $49.00 - one submittal to 1558 search engines

one time maintenance fee $25.00

Reports are generated within 5 working days and e-mailed to you by Worldsubmit.


Site Statistics


Now that you have placement on why not measure your traffic on your site.

We produce comprehensive reports for your organization. Instantly provide enterprise-wide reports on your web site's effectiveness. Analysis is the essential solution for any company requiring measurable results on their Internet investment.

Reports generated by Grant and Associates Web Service present data in clear easy to read tables and colorful graphs. Show trends, bandwidth usage, market share, advertising ROI, visitor paths and demographics, and much more.

Price $40.00/report

note ISP must provide daily log files.

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